Join me for my Upcoming 

6 Week Challenge

Get 6 Weeks of REALISTIC TIPS AND TECHNIQUES to eat better, have more energy, and get a jump start on your weight loss goals!

Does this sound familiar?

  • You’ve gained a few pounds over the last few years and you’re struggling to shift the scales
  • You try to lose weight, but dieting only leaves you feeling hungry and tired
  • You’re not sleeping well and you just can’t seem to shake off the ‘brain fog’
  • You’re not a gym junkie and exercise just sounds exhausting, you don’t know where to start!


You Can Lose Excess Weight & Keep It Off Without Cutting Out All Your Favorite Foods!

Sound like what you're after?

Join us in my Upcoming 6 Week Challenge!


Susan Ceklosky's 6 Week Challenge

A Comprehensive Live Challenge to Kickstart Your Weight Loss Journey

Do you want to get realistic tips and techniques to eat better, have more energy, and get a jumpstart on your weight loss goals?

This 6 week challenge will teach you everything you need to know to lose weight, feel better and have more energy. You will:

  • Discover proven methods for sustainable weight loss.
  • Learn techniques to cultivate a growth mindset, overcome setbacks, and stay motivated throughout the weight loss journey
  • Understand the importance of integrating mental, emotional, and physical health for long-term success and overall wellness

With a simple shift in your mindset and some smart weight loss practices, you could start living the life of your dreams! 

What's Included In The Challenge

Meal Plan Questionnaire


You will receive a Meal Plan Questionnaire via email the week before the Challenge starts. This will give me an insight into your dietary patterns, food preferences, and lifestyle to help me formulate your meal plans.

Customized Meal Plans


You’ll receive a Nutritionist-designed individualized meal plan, customized to meet your individual needs and achieve a healthy, balanced nutrition intake. Previous participants love this (and it’s something you won’t get in other challenges!).

Private Facebook Group


Get access to my members-only Facebook group where you’ll get daily training, tips, motivational and informational videos and delicious recipes. Join a community of like-minded challenge participants and hold each other accountable.

Accountability & Support


I’ll be checking in with you in the Facebook Group daily with information, motivation, and nightly check in threads. I’ll also keep you accountable through the weekly check-ins (private messaging with me), so you’ll get plenty of support to succeed!

Kind Words from Clients


"Wow, what a quick 6 Weeks! I can't even begin to tell you how grateful I am to have taken this challenge. I feel better and have set standards going forward. Thank you for your continued support throughout this challenge!"

"I lost almost 11 pounds for the challenge. Overall feeling good and I have more energy. I didn't fall back into old bad habits, just a ton of positives from this challenge. My mindset has definitely shifted!"

"I wanted to let you know what a difference you have made in my life this last year. You provide the strategies, with tracking steps, water & food tips and recipes in a real-life way that makes it doable."


I'm Susan Ceklosky


I own Positively Fit U and I help women like you lose weight and feel great, in a way that not only motivates you, but teaches you how to eat and how to THINK, so you achieve sustainable weight loss. 

I am a Licensed Sports Nutritionist, Certified Weight Loss Coach, and my degree is in Nutrition and Kinesiology.  I have always had a passion for health, fitness, and helping women feel better and reach their goals. 

Back when Curves Fitness Centers were popular, I owned two locations in the Pittsburgh area over a span of 19 years. I started Positively Fit U about 8 years ago so I could better coach and motivate women both in person and online. I have had clients and Challenge Participants from all over the country! 

Over the past 5+ years, I have been holding 6 Week Challenge Groups on Facebook 3-5 times a year.  Thousands of women (and many men!) have participated in these Challenges and have seen SO much success, whether it be in losing weight, getting off of sugar, or simply getting motivated to take care of themselves and eat better overall.

Now, more than EVER, we need to pay attention to our physical and mental health, and realize that taking care of ourselves is something we CAN control. 


This Challenge is For You If: 

  • You’re tired of “starting over” every Monday
  • You struggle with your weight, motivation, and energy level
  • You get confused by all the conflicting information you hear and read
  • You wear many hats and tend to put yourself last
  • You're tired of the cycle of starting a program, losing a few pounds, then falling off the wagon a few days later

Imagine where you could be in 6 weeks…

  • Start to notice a drop in your body weight without going hungry
  • Your clothes will start to fit differently
  • Feel more energetic throughout the day
  • Improved mood and general well-being
  • Start to enjoy exercise without feeling like you’re punishing yourself

The right strategies can make all the difference in your results.

Not only is this Challenge going to help you kickstart your weight loss and wellness journey, you’re also going to learn fundamental knowledge and skills to help you achieve sustainable weight loss.


Susan Ceklosky's 6 Week Challenge